A project focussed on the seeking, sharing and supporting of underexposed new music, A Lonely Ghost Burning aims to exist in the interests of listeners and artists alike. Discovery. Community. Honesty. Pleasantness.

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Carefully curated and free to download, our compilations are intended as an introduction into the recent albums, EPs and demos that are most deserving of attention.

Beautiful Songwriting

Latest: Vol. 5 (012)
Featuring the considerable talents of Riley Pinkerton / Benedict Benjamin / Ditte Elly / Halina Heron / Nightingail / SJ Kurtis / Ira Wolf / Redfox / A Voice For Vultures / Perlo / Max Krumm


Latest: Vol. 5 (011)
Featuring the considerable talents of: Loop Line / Pony / Supermoon / Kristoff Waltz / Planetario / Hateflirt / Pens+ / Good Shade / Acid Fast / Burnt Palms

Oneiric Escapism

Latest: Vol. 2 (010)
Featuring the talents of; Kendra Lea Miller / Aela Kae / CENΘ / atOlla / TIIU KIIK | EΛEVEN / Rheya / New Shack / Ever / Sylo Nozra / Aiko AIko / Amber Maya / .i.

Latest Interviews

In-depth and conducted with genuine interest, our interviews strive to explore the character, hopes, fears, motivations and creative process of the person behind the artistry, providing a humanistic rather than consumerist insight into the work they produce.

Flower Face

Musings Of The Creator #05
Published: 25th May 2016
You’re entering into the fever dream, you’re entering into this dark place, and you’ll come out of it okay, but while you’re there, you’re really there.

Halina Heron

Getting To Know #16
Published: 18th May 2016
... I’ve recently been feeling like people put these ideas on you of what they think that you are, or what they think that you’re like, because of the things you make.

Kind Words

'It’s [Oneiric Escapism Vol. 1] the same kind of escape I find when I listen to This Will Destroy You, or Cliff Martinez’ Drive soundtrack, and the compilation is just as well selected as the latter, at times quite similar to one of my favourite film scores.'

- Craig Reviews Music (Feb 2015)

'The Beautiful Songwriting collections are a refreshing glimpse into the diverse artistry of singer/songwriters gracing today’s music industry...'

- Aura 32 (January 2015)

'... the Beautiful Songwriting compilation is well worth a look as well, especially if you’re a fan of slow, haunting, mostly-acoustic tracks that rely mainly on a great voice above all else. Normally I’d consider ‘beautiful’ in a compilation title a possible over exaggeration, but it’s wholly fitting in this case...'

- Craig Reviews Music (March 2014)

'... this [Alt/Punk Vol. 2] is a compilation put together for the love of it and it shows.'

- Scene Better Days (April 2014)

'... this album [Alt/Punk Vol. 2] is overgrown with excellent new music. If you like punk rock in any capacity, A Lonely Ghost Burning's Alt/Punk will serve well.'

- Project Burnt (March 2014)

'I didn’t know any of the artists on the album [Beautiful Songwriting Vol. 3], but I loved every single song... They [the voices] were soft and combined with the guitar in the songs, it made me feel as if I was in heaven... I could listen to it all day.'

- Endeavour (December 2014)

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To anyone who has shown an interest in this project, helped it along in some way, parted with money to show appreciation for it, downloaded/streamed any of the releases.

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