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Oneiric Escapism 3


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Released: December 2016 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning with cover artwork by Áďa Vychopňová

Featuring: Todavia / Blocma / Pippa / I am Alice / Desert Dollhouse / einarIndra / Dæva / LANNDS / SALFUMÁN / Mabe Fratti / Unii / SOLR

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Person from the EP Stay Self Released (June 2016)

Beautiful, anguished and affecting, Stay is an insight into an ever-raging emotional battle: a sublime work that consistently induces chills with its earnest attempts to grasp for self-worth and positivity admist the conflicting gaze of despondency and depression -- pits that linger hungrily at every turn.

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Krušovice from the EP Ordinary Love Self Released (March 2016)

Existing in a permanently menacing and intoxicated gloom, 'Ordinary Love' is a long-brewed concoction of anger, frustration and loneliness that roves only along the seediest, most dangerous neon-lit alleyways: discouraged, dispirited, and at a point where it's finally willing to take its drunken chances.

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Not a Thing from the EP Sweetlow Self Released (December 2016)

Smooth and casually seductive, 'Sweetlow' is an arrestingly dulcet debut: an ultra chill collection of languorous, low light allure.

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I am Alice

Ashes from the EP Moth & The Meteor Self Released (September 2016)

Whilst enamouringly vibrant and pretty, delve a little deeper -- beyond the bold, bright and twinkly production -- and the debut from I am Alice also possesses a potent undercurrent of mono no aware: a temporally fragile nostalgia that is intensified by the beautiful, optimistic vocal delivery.

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Desert Dollhouse

Gaze (demo) from Demos Self Released (August 2016)

A stylish, post-apocalyptic nighttime meandering, the first set of tracks from Desert Dollhouse opt to take the scenic route on a drizzly trek across a rebuilt, sleazily exuberant metropolis.

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Thoughts from the EP Stories Möller Records (May 2016)

A sincere, accomplished communication of emotional reverence, the sophomore release from EinarIndra is an expansive, grandly atmospheric force: a richly stirring comprehension of life.

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Dream from the EP Beta Persei Self Released (December 2016)

A generator of daydreams, the magical debut from Dæva is an enchanting contradiction, for whilst, lyrically, it exists in the real world, the production suggests a wondrous weightlessness -- allowing one to fledge from gravity's grasp and float away to a far less-testing version of reality.

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Wide Awake from the EP Wide Awake In A Sleepy World Self Released

Possessing a striking melodic ease, 'Wide Awake in a Sleep World' is a humble but confidently delivered debut, one that pairs vocal melancholy with determined, unostentatious defiance.

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Bunic from the EP C Y C A Self Released / Love Our Records (September 2016)

Canorous and inviting, the latest from SALFUMÁN is dreamy ear candy: a mellisonant mix of soft, enamouring vocals and stimulating production that one can't help but be willingly swept along with.

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Mabe Fratti

Key from the EP Careless Bajo Presión Records (August 2016)

Characterised by a wonderfully low-key elegance, 'Careless is a flowing and delicate debut: a becoming collection of intriguing melodies that wind mainly around perfectly maintained manor gardens, but occasionally dart into the dark, sinisterly inviting woods that are situated temptingly adjacent.

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The Moment from the EP Poet From The Northern Sea Northern Lights (May 2016)

Awash with lonely, drifting, droning soundscapes, 'Poet from the Northern Sea' plays like the accompaniment to a solitary, bittersweet voyage of interstellar exploration: a journey of atmospheric serenity and immense wonder punctuated by a nagging, melancholic awareness of one's inexorable isolation.

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These Rooms from the EP Young Wild Self Released (November 2016)

Haunting, ghostly and acutely ominous, 'Young Wild' is a lone human voice now heard only in the very darkest areas of the family home; it's owner retreating from the malevolent demons that prowl the corridors, ever-closing on their target.

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