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About Us

What is 'A Lonely Ghost Burning'?

A Lonely Ghost Burning is a music discovery space devoted to seeking, sharing and supporting new music. What was -- from 2013-2019 -- primarily a compilation curation project, is now focused on curated playlists. You can find them here.


How do you find the music you feature?

Regularly searching through the new releases on Bandcamp (mostly).

What playlists are you actively running?

Just Vibes (R&B, neo-soul, etc) Beautiful Songwriting (indie-folk, singer-songwriter, etc) Alternative Melodies (dream-pop, indie-pop, emo, etc) All Pop (pop)

Do you accept submissions?

Yes, albeit the vast majority of artists featured are initially discovered by searching through new releases on Bandcamp. Nevertheless, if you're releasing something that you think would be a good fit for one of the active playlists (listed above), you can send an email to the following address (delete the letters in CAPS): NOSPAMPLEASEsubmissions@alonelyghostburning.co.uk
Including an immediately visible streaming link (preferably Bandcamp or Spotify, but work with what you've got) is VERY helpful, and including the relevant playlist name (again, see above) in the email title will more than likely get your music heard sooner. I don't often reply to submissions, but If I do add you to a playlist, you'll know about it because I'll tag you on socials.
I don't mind getting emails from diligent PR outlets, but if I get sent the same press release multiple times, I am now ruthlessly marking as SPAM in my inbox. Just an FYI.

Why did you stop running the compilation series?

The compilations developed a loyal and very much appreciated following, but there simply wasn't enough interest to make the extra work (relative to playlists) worthwhile, unfortunately.

Who illustrated the covers for the old compilations?

The compilation project was extremely fortunate to have some hugely talented illustrators involved. Check them out: Ann-Sofie Vejs (Beautiful Songwriting / Logo) Áďa Vychopňová (Alternative Melodies / Oneiric Escapism) Gillian Ho (Oneiric Escapism) Hynek Šnajdr (Oneiric Escapism)

Who runs this project?

Hi, I'm Jamie, and I trawl through Bandcamp so you don't have to.
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