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About the project

Founded in November 2013, A Lonely Ghost Burning is a project focused on the seeking, sharing and supporting of underexposed new music, aiming to exist in the interests of artists and listeners alike. Our compilation releases, made available for free download on Bandcamp and Noisetrade, are carefully curated and intended as an introduction into the recent albums, EPs and demos that, around these parts, are much loved and believed deserving of more attention. Meanwhile, our in-depth interviews strive to explore the character, hopes, fears, motivations and creative process of the people behind the artistry, providing a humanistic rather than consumerist insight into the work they produce. These generally involve artists that have featured on one of the compilations.

Contact details

Want to submit something? Great! No singles or instrumental records though. Have a question, suggestion or proposition?

Who runs this thing?

JamieThat would be me: Jamie Downes. Hi.

Kind Words

Nice things are sometimes written about us -- usually by the same person... '... the songs authentic and rousing, flickering life in three minute bursts of pained clarity... Beautiful Songwriting Vol. 5 is a compilation that makes things matter...' - Craig Reviews Music (April 2016) 'Like Oneiric Escapism Vol.1 it’s befitting of its title, a daydream dipped in dark matter, made for quiet library corners or twilight walks home, for flitting between the night and the day...' - Craig Reviews Music (October 2015) 'The Beautiful Songwriting collections are a refreshing glimpse into the diverse artistry of singer/songwriters gracing today’s music industry...' - Aura 32 (January 2015) 'You do the best interviews and mixes, and I need more.' - @delicatebliss on Twitter (March 2016) 'It’s [Oneiric Escapism Vol. 1] the same kind of escape I find when I listen to This Will Destroy You, or Cliff Martinez’ Drive soundtrack, and the compilation is just as well selected as the latter, at times quite similar to one of my favourite film scores.' - Craig Reviews Music (Feb 2015)