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About Us

What is 'A Lonely Ghost Burning'?

A Lonely Ghost Burning is a music discovery space devoted to seeking, sharing and supporting new music. From 2013-2019, this meant curating compilations, but as of February 2020, the focus has shifted to daily playlists. Below are links to the series that are currently a part of the schedule.

Monday: ALTERNATIVE MELODIESindie-pop, dream-pop, dream-gaze Tuesday: BEAUTIFUL SONGWRITINGindie-folk, singer-songwriter Wednesday: ALTERNATIVE ENERGYpunk-rock, indie-rock, pop-punk, riot grrrl Thursday: ONEIRIC ESCAPISMatmospheric electronic & experimental Friday: BEAUTIFUL VIBESr&b, neo-soul


Can I submit music for playlist consideration?

Sure! Please ensure you include the series (see above) that you wish to be included on in the email subject, and Be aware that I cannot guarantee either inclusion or a response. submissions@alonelyghostburning.co.uk

Can I get in touch about something else?

Absolutely! Have a question, suggestion or proposition? enquiries@alonelyghostburning.co.uk

Can you interview me/us?

The interview series are not currently running, but may be back soon. If they return, they will solely feature artists included on the playlists.

Who runs this project?

That would be me: Jamie Downes. Hi, I trawl through Bandcamp so you don't have to.
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