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About the project

A Lonely Ghost Burning is a music discovery space devoted to seeking, sharing and supporting new, under-the-radar releases in the interests of listeners and artists alike. Welcome! Our meticulously curated compilations -- products of a daily search through the brilliantly incessant deluge of new releases on Bandcamp -- are free to stream and download. They come in three series -- Alternative Melodies, Beautiful Songwriting, and Oneiric Escapism -- and aim to be both an introduction to new artists as well as a cohesive, coherent listening experience in their own right. We also conduct in-depth interviews with artists featured on the compilations. These strive to explore the character, hopes, fears, motivations and creative process of the people behind the artistry.

Some very kind, much appreciated people have been known to voice approval of our work, such as NBT Music Radio ranking our Alternative Melodies 6 release at number seventeen in their top 300 album/EP list of 2017. Also...

'There’s little here to pull a listener from the experience, no jarring transitions or sudden switches in tempo. Quiet contemplation is encouraged, and the movement from start to finish is sublime, never a misstep.' - Craig Reviews Music (December 2017) 'You do the best interviews and mixes, and I need more.' - @delicatebliss on Twitter (March 2016)


Can I submit music for compilation consideration?

Sure! Please first make sure you're familiar with the types of music we feature though, and be aware that you may or may not receive a response. submissions@alonelyghostburning.co.uk

Can I get in touch about something else?

Absolutely! Have a question, suggestion or proposition? enquiries@alonelyghostburning.co.uk

Can I do an interview or take part in one of your features?

Depends. To keeps things focused and manageable, our interviews and features are reserved only for artists that have been on our compilations.

What are these features you speak of? I can't find them!

They'll be coming soon -- hopefully the first will be ready to go by April.

Your album covers are incredible! Who designs them?

I'm delighted you noticed, truly! At present, our cover design team consists of the ludicrously talented pairing of Ann-Sofie Vejs (Beautiful Songwriting) and Áďa Vychopňová (Alternative Melodies), both absolutely integral members of the project since 2015. Go here to see more of their beautiful work.

Who runs this project?

That would be me: Jamie Downes. Hi. I trawl through Bandcamp so you don't have to. Thanks so much for showing an interest in A Lonely Ghost Burning -- it means the world!
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