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About Us

What is 'A Lonely Ghost Burning'?

A Lonely Ghost Burning is a music discovery space devoted to seeking, sharing and supporting new music. Currently, this just means selecting a record of the day. From 2013-2019, however, it meant carefully curating compilations (which are still available for free/PWYW download on Bandcamp and Noisetrade, with all proceeds going to non-profit organisation, Equality Now), and for a short while after, putting together daily playlists. We also do in-depth interviews with artists featured on the site -- these 'may' return at some point this year (2020).


How do you find the music you feature?

Daily searches through the new releases on Bandcamp (mostly).

Can I submit music for consideration?

Sure, but only if it's an album or EP. No singles! Emails with the subject heading: 'ROTD: (your band/artist name)' will be prioritised to more easily filter out irrelevant PR fluff. Please include a Bandcamp or Spotify link, and be aware that I cannot guarantee anything, including a response. Interviews, if/when they return, are only for bands/artists that have already had their music featured. submissions@alonelyghostburning.co.uk

Can I get in touch about something else?

Absolutely! Have a question, suggestion or proposition? enquiries@alonelyghostburning.co.uk

Why did you stop running the compilation series?

The compilations developed a loyal and very much appreciated following, but there were simply not enough people taking an interest, unfortunately.

Why did you stop running the daily playlists?

Same answer as above, except for the loyal following part. A failed experiment that wasn't worth continuing with.

Who illustrated the covers for the compilations? They look amazing!

Agreed. The compilation project was extremely fortunate to have some supersupersuper talented illustrators involved. Check them out: Ann-Sofie Vejs (Beautiful Songwriting / Logo) Áďa Vychopňová (Alternative Melodies / Oneiric Escapism) Gillian Ho (Oneiric Escapism) Hynek Šnajdr (Oneiric Escapism)

Who runs this project?

That would be me: Jamie Downes. Hi, I trawl through Bandcamp so you don't have to.
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