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Alternative Melodies 7


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Released: November 2018 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning with cover artwork by Ád'a Vychopňová

Well, friends, it's finally upon us. Today marks the release of Alternative Melodies 7, and with it the official relaunch of A Lonely Ghost Burning! To be quite honest, it doesn't feel much like I imagined it might six months ago, which was when I decided I would like to try turning this into a full-time project with weekly content and an actual schedule. I guess that's partly because I intended to be writing this intro back in August, but I think also it's just easy to look ahead to the future and imagine outcomes in an unrealistically perfect and complete form; to be irritated and a little disappointed when the reality cannot live up to what was idealised; to be frustrated when good preparation and organisation ultimately eludes you.

Such musings are for another time and place, however. Today is about sharing new music, and I am super excited to be doing so. Alternative Melodies 7 features eleven artists representing five countries: Canada, Indonesia, Japan, the UK and the US, and you can find streaming and social media links for each of them below. I think this particular collection has provided the most difficult puzzle to solve in respect to ordering the tracks, but I'm pretty happy with the solution I settled upon, and am absolutely delighted and thankful to have all of these talented people involved. I very much hope you enjoy listening! JD

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Tracklisting & Links



Staying Up Late from the EP Faceplant Alcopop! Records (September 2018)

Bursting with benevolent charm, the endearing debut from London three-piece cheerbleederz is an unexpected clear blue sky after several days of grey; a revitalising inhalation of crisp air that tames anxiety and freshens one's resolve to conquer it.

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Teenage Crisis from the EP Should've Been / Could've Been Self Released (September 2018)

Exuberant and effervescent, Garside's Should've Been / Could've Been is an earnest, irresistible bundle of youthful energy; a fun, melodically engaging debut with a determined, positive spirit and a knack for putting a smile on your face.

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Tear Ducks

In My Head from the EP Tear Ducks Clay House Records (September 2018)

Gentle and mellisonant, the eponymous debut from Tear Ducks plays as an exceptionally attractive and enamouring reverie; an elegant, alluring invitation to just close your eyes and drift.

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The Eclipse

Space Race from the EP I Want Less Self Released (September 2018)

Timeless and unostentatiously cool, I Want Less is a dreamy debut of effortless finesse; a sparkling collection that delights and captivates for its entire duration.

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Animal Type

Keep This Quiet from the EP Apartments Self Released (September 2018)

Gripping in its construction and resolute in delivery, the debut EP from Animal Type is constantly stimulating and determinedly its own thing; a fierce, motivating, curveball of a record.

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(It Starts Off) Feelin' Really Good from the album This Summer Self Released (June 2018)

Open-hearted and bittersweet, Kicksie's This Summer is a kindred, sympathetic mix of positive vibes and unaffected sadness; a record that successfully encapsulates the contrasting sun-soaked optimism and emotional oppression of its titular season.

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Alison from the EP Good Comes In Threes Self Released (September 2018)

The impressively assured, voguish debut from ggpeach is a neat and very deliberate swathe of tasteful bold colouring on an otherwise stark white background; a stylish and sophisticated record devoid of clutter and delivered with a performative aloofness that captivates and transfixes.

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Velveteen Echo

Oh! Let The Light In from the EP Submarine Miss Champagne (August 2018)

Controlled and unassuming, Velveteen Echo's debut EP offers refuge from chaos amidst its elegance; a comforting space where time is slowed and introspection given opportunity to reign.

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The Sunset Beach Hut

Comfort from the album Comfort Self Released (February 2018)

Lyrically imaginative and melodically absorbing, the debut from The Sunset Beach Hut is a rueful, heartfelt offering of beautifully communicated disappointment.

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Proxy from the album DREAMING IN. Dead Funny Records (October 2018)

A lovingly tender, ultimately hopeful expression of romantic possibilities, Bearwear's Dreaming In is the affectionate, sometimes plaintive soundtrack to young love's yearnings; a record for staring at the ceiling and imagining.

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Flower Shopping

Good Reason from the EP Flower Shopping Bathtub Records (June 2018)

Sincere and immersing, the eponymous debut from Flowing Shopping is ultimately a reflection of contentment; a steady and focused foreground scene no longer paying any mind to the hectic trappings of life fast-forwarding in the background.

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