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Beautiful Songwriting 6


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Released: December 2017 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning with cover artwork by Ann-Sofie Vejs

Featuring: Pitou / Keilan Creech / Charm of Finches / Emma Gatrill / Brynja Bjarnadóttir / The Royal Parks / Maggie Whitlock / Frére / Davis / Kora Feder

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Debt of a Lover from the EP Pitou Mink Records (September 2016)

Immediately and intensely captivating, the melodically and sonically sophisticated debut from Pitou is a strikingly deliberate and successful demonstration of aurally-sensitive emotion; an immaculately composed, masterfully paced listen that gets better with each playthrough.

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Keilan Creech

Lines from the EP Honey Waits Self Released (November 2017)

Soothing and inviting, the mellisonant debut from Keilan Creech is a blissful escape from life's draining, incessant need for attention; an anxiety-pacifying influence that slows the world a little with a calming, gently enveloping atmosphere and easygoing ambience.

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Charm of Finches

Hope from the album Staring at the Starry Ceiling Self Released (July 2016)

Heartfelt and Melancholy, the debut album from Charm of Finches exists as a consolable, youthful darkness; a persistent but not perpetual foe whose shroud will be unable to disguise the world's beauty when light inevitably reveals itself anew.

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Emma Gatrill

Odd Ones Out from the album Cocoon flau (March 2017)

Intriguing and assured, listening to the immensely charming, expertly composed second album from Emma Gatrill is akin to exploring the modest grounds of a country cottage that was long ago imbued with benign magic; an exciting, immersive and soul-refreshing experience that makes the world seem a special, more wondrous place to be

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Brynja Bjarnadóttir

Shameless from the EP EP Found Toys. creative (April 2017)

Reflective and kindly, Brynja Bjarnadóttir's debut is becoming of a gentle daydream set in one's happy place; a woolgathering getaway where troubles are not heavy obstacles to be bound to but, rather, experiences to be contemplated as they float away into the aether.


The Royal Parks

Suburb Home from the album Suburb Home Self Released (April 2017)

Wholesome and affecting, the Royal Parks' bittersweet debut is a musical diary communicated with heavy-hearted sincerity; a record of gorgeous harmonies and palpable, graceful poignancy.

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Maggie Whitlock

Mirasierra from the EP the seams Green Line Records (April 2017)

'Slowing then expediting time at will, the often plaintive debut EP from Maggie Whitlock is a restrained and concentrated set of tales with an immensely personal feel -- a modest, unostentatious approach allowing the songs to eventually swell and beautifully communicate the emotional importance held within.

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Child from the album Void Self Released / popup-records (September 2017)

Unassuming and absorbing, the debut LP from Frére exists as a wandering sadness trapped in a self-made maze of longing and regret; a bleak, well-established outlook torn between the prospect of escape and that of becoming steadfastly, undyingly resigned to its lonely fate.

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Sara Davis Regan

Stills, September 19th from the EP Stills Self Released (November 2017)

Darkly resplendent, 'Stills' plays like a beautiful, mournful rendering of the time spent trying to recover from a soul-emptying sadness; a lonely, claustrophobic gloom periodically brightened to reveal a life that still exists by a series of expansive yet humble musical flourishes.

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Kora Feder

Written In Change from the EP Marigolds Self Released (August 2017)

Earnestly melancholic, Marigolds plays like a melodic salutation to all that is neglected and forgotten by a world at the mercy of Father Time; the carefully conceived work of a thoroughly engaging and exceptionally capable storyteller

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