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Oneiric Escapism 4


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Released: December 2018 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning with cover artwork by Hynek Šnajdr

Finally! Finally! Finally! If you've been looking forward to the release of this compilation, and following its development over the past couple of months, you will most likely join me in that opening sentiment. What. A. Relief! There are a few different reasons for the multitude of delays, but primarily it comes down to a truth so simple as: I didn't have a tracklisting that felt complete. There were a couple of non-responders (one in particular who I would really love to have had involved, but could find no social media presence for to follow-up on my initial unanswered -- and I think unread -- email enquiry), and a few delayed responses, and that was ultimately all it took to hold things up. I could have (and for a time, was intending to) release the collection as it was, but I do find that the Oneiric Escapism series in particular tends to benefit from having a greater number of tracks included, simply because the styles can be quite eclectic and sometimes difficult to fit together if I have a limited choice. That was certainly the case this time around, and the delays, as frustrating as they have been, have allowed for a significantly more coherent final product.

Anyway, I write this having failed to meet two deadlines today already -- the latest one by a couple of hours -- so it's probably best I stop typing and get a move on. Oneiric Escapism 4 features thirteen artists representing six countries: Australia, the Czech Republic, Germany, New Zealand the UK and the US, and you can find streaming and social media links for each of them below. I hope you find something that allows you to spend a little time away from this crazy world. Until next time, JD

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Elsa Hewitt

Become Real from the album Becoming Real ERH (November 2018)

A vinyl compilation of remixed and remastered tracks from her three (!!!) albums released in 2017, Elsa Hewitt's Becoming Real is an extraordinarily creative, wistfully nostalgic imaginarium of intriguing, intricate sounds and melodies; an eclectic but cohesive series of candid, auditory snapshots fastidiously developed into an absorbing, holistic experience.

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Careless from the EP Lullaby Vitality Records (June 2018)

Patient and composed, Anny's dialogous debut EP is a candid but not unsympathetic dose of reality; a melancholy determination to absorb the copious pangs of nostalgia, express one's feelings and move on.

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Never Sol

Zoe from the album Chamaleo SUPRAPHON a.s. (October 2018)

Imbued with a lingering, understated grandness, the second LP from Never Sol is an increasingly forlorn celestial presence stranded on a largely barren world; an immortal being accustomed to altitude struggling to come to terms with others' mortality and consequently their own grounding, growing despondency.

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orion lake

starfire from the EP angelface Self Released (September 2018)

Depressive but tender, the vibe of the debut EP from orion lake settles like a blanket on sinking shoulders during the heart of a humid summer; a protective, consolatory presence becoming ever more heavy and uncomfortable as the relentless, inescapable shroud of doubt and subsequent dejection begin to seep into its vulnerable, affectionate fabric.

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Strange Jealously from the EP Altered States Self Released (September 2018)

Richly atmospheric, the debut from Crøm-lus offers a mesmerising suggestion of futuristic sophistication; a window to a smoky bar frequented primarily by slowly swaying extraterrestrial races rendered spellbound by gloomy elegance and aural oddities.

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Fast Fire from the EP III Self Released (November 2018)

The latest from Mmdelai is a record of exploration and spaciousness; an enthralling dream spent touring the vast magical wonders of a reclusive cosmic expanse.

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Patterns Apart from the album Lost Letters (of Seraphina) Wicked Alley Records (November 2018)

The trippy latest release from LUXI is akin to a cybernetically-enhanced brain attempting to focus on everyday life whilst simultaneously downloading a capriciously-humoured neon enthusiast's reconstruction of the internet; a bright, varied and skitterish accumulation of sounds and colours sparking to life a mind suddenly overloaded by a small universe of neurons vying for its attention.

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Desert Rain from the album Slow Skate Self Released (September 2018)

Lano's Slow Skate is a series of wary twilight mamihlapinatapai encounters between the only two people making up the population of a forgiving, dreamlike interpretation of an arid landscape; a near-overwhelming, all-encompassing isolation transformed into a gentle ambience of hope and possibility.

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Sail on Silver

indigo from the EP 1984 Self Released (November 2018)

Characterised by a deep melancholy, 1984 is to plaintively ride the attractions of a once much-loved fairground alone and distant; a soul, temporarily emptied of purpose by a ravaging, resolute grief, finding a detached, hushed comfort in the residual energy of a place where happiness once reigned.

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Dreeam from Dreeam Self Released (September 2018)

Beautiful and eerie, the very precisely constructed debut from tonguetoteeth provides a dichotomy between harmless innocence and phantasmal menace; a wonderfully creepy effort where one is never quite sure if everything is quite as it seems.


Wild Adoration

Soul from the EP EP1 Self Released (June 2018)

Evocative and unrelenting, Wild Adoration's debut is the soundtrack to becoming lost in the middle of a dense, notoriously spiritual forest with daylight suddenly withdrawn; a haunting, persistent rumble of undulating foreboding as a seemingly incorporeal presence quickly surrounds and patiently awaits your response.

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Spider from the album At Night The Skeletons Come Self released (September 2018)

A pervasively ominous world of wonder, the debut full length from VAYNES offers a sense of what it is to stumble upon magnificent beauty whilst on the run from the mechanical bloodletting ceremonies of an alternate, robotically advanced 17th-century government obsessed with occultism; an arresting clash of pulsating, hypnotic threat and glistening, fantastical discovery.

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Little Know from the EP ranger Self Released (September 2018)

Dottie's ranger EP exists as a mysterious, somewhat sorrowful haze; an entrancing, amaranthine presence that implores you to follow into the night, hovering almost within your grasp but remaining just barely out of reach.

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