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Beautiful Songwriting 5


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Released: April 2016 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning with cover artwork by Ann-Sofie Vejs

Featuring the considerable talents of Riley Pinkerton / Benedict Benjamin / Ditte Elly / Halina Heron / Nightingail / SJ Kurtis / Ira Wolf / Redfox / A Voice For Vultures / Perlo / Max Krumm

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Riley Pinkerton

In His Image from the EP Do You Have A Car Self Released (January 2016)

Timeless and majestic, Riley Pinkerton possesses an aura of authoritative and transcendent sophistication on her debut record: a slow-burning but ultimately intoxicating incense worn with an unaffected confidence and calculated restraint.

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Benedict Benjamin

Thin Skin from the EP Night Songs Sugarcoat Records (March 2016)

Startlingly honest and self-aware, the debut from Benedict Benjamin is a lyrically astute collection of inwardly directed chastisement and regret: a self-imposed intervention inducing a mix of painful lucidity and dreamlike detachment.

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Ditte Elly

Red from the album Songs Self Released (March 2016)

Consummately controlled, 'Songs' is a deliberately paced work of evocative splendour, mesmerically inducing long periods of solitary quiescence with its gentle, evenly-reflective dawn and dusk strolls.

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Halina Heron

g u i l t y from the EP villages Self Released (April 2016)

Existing as a dark, lonely and dominant sadness, 'villages' is the soundtrack to a tastefully cinematic sepulchral reverie: an overcast period of mourning for an unexpected loss that weighs heavily on the soul.

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Chestnut Tree from the EP Nightingail Self Released (July 2015)

Soulful and unhurried, the eponymous debut from Nightingail near crackles with masterfully engendered nostalgia, framing its romanticised tales as hand-cranked video recordings redolent of simpler times long passed.

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SJ Kurtis

Romantic Muse from the EP Illumine Self Released (February 2016)

Vocally vibrant and sonically engrossing, 'Illumine' exists on a stark and uncluttered canvas, much of its sadness and longing painted with clean brush strokes -- some unusually bright in shade, others conspicuous simply by their wonderfully flowing nature.

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Ira Wolf

Alive from the EP Honest Self Released (March 2016)

Imbued with an unostentatiously communicated disillusionment, 'Honest' is a melancholy traversal from one inevitably lonely road to another, searching with forlorn hope for anything that might make the increasing uncertainty and sadness of life's greater journey worthwhile.

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Oxygen (Not In Love) from the EP Winter Self Released (February 2016)

A mature rendering of tortured hope, the debut from Redfox haunts on the frigid air of a winter forest, determinedly focussed on imperfect pasts and alternate presents: the wandering remnants of a lost soul, yearning for resolution.

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A Voice For Vultures

Pigs On Parade from the EP The Descent Self Released (April 2016)

Vivid and hypnotic, 'The Descent' is a despairing and anguished production delivered with sincere solemnity from the dark, lonely tumult of life's determinedly oppressive stage.

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Pools from the EP Patterns Self Released (April 2016)

Understated and tender, 'Patterns' is the loving, protective arm that attempts to quell suddenly mounting disquiet: the kind triggered by a brooding fixation on the lack of acknowledgement offered to time as it passes, eternally unabated, past the living room window.

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Max Krumm

Small Steps from the EP Tides elf Released (January 2016)

Remarkably sincere, 'Tides' is residual energy forever playing out scenes of deep personal sadness, watched through mournful, tear-sodden eyes that apprehensively await the heart's courageous acceptance of the fact it's finally time to look away.

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