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Alternative Melodies 6


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Released: July 2017 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning with cover artwork by Áďa Vychopňová

Featuring: Subsonic Eye / You Could Be A Cop / Wolken / Pom Pom Squad / Camp Girls / Termination Dust / Kilo Tango / Beachglass / Lillet Blanc / DSPS / Terry vs. Tori / Mint / Brunch Club

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Subsonic Eye

Cosmic Reallignment from the EP Strawberry Feels Middle Class Cigars (April 2017)

Heartfelt and beautiful, Strawberry Feels is a record for falling out of love and dwelling on the consequences to; a sonically expansive and vocally resplendent journey of promise, disappointment and uncertainty.

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You Could Be A Cop

Hard to Forget from the EP You Could Be A Cop Beth Shalom Records / Adagio830 (July 2017)

Earnest and reflective, You Could Be A Cop's eponymous debut is a grand, nostalgic advocation for taking time to disconnect and live in one's own world for a while; an example and reflection of the personally significant little details that can make memories fond and full.

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Caos Calmo from the EP Caos Calmo Aquagreen Records (June 2016)

Possessing an intoxicating, climatical ambience, Caos Calmo is partly the tetchiness induced by blazing summer rays, partly the immediate tension-relief accorded by the run for cover during a sudden, air-cooling downpour; through both, it remains a thoroughly assuasive listen.

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Pom Pom Squad

Hate It Here from the EP Hate It Here Self Released (April 2017)

Lyrically smart and emotionally authentic, the debut EP from Pom Pom Squad serves up an unapologetically plaintive monsoon of personal cataclysm; an impassioned expulsion of raw, brooding melancholy.

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Camp Girls

Elusive from the EP It's Whatever Self Released (May 2017)

In addition to a fine ear for a sweet melody, the debut from Camp Girls brings with it both a willing vulnerability and an appealing forthrightness; the former making the Toronto trio immediately relatable, the latter demonstrating an admirable, unflinching confidence.

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Termination Dust

Summer Crushed from the EP Familiar Eyes Self Released (May 2016)

Textually absorbing and sincerely delivered, the intelligently layered debut album from Termination Dust is thoughtful in design and genuine in content; the sound of susceptible apathy giving way to emotional acknowledgement.

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Kilo Tango

Don't Bring Me Roses from the EP Boy Problems Self Released (April 2017)

Raw, engaging and effortlessly cool, Kilo Tango's uninhibited Boy Problems brings the kind of stylish, full-sounding ambience that, through word of mouth alone, will turn a modestly performing club into the most euphoric, sought after ticket in town.

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Lay Low from the EP Clouding Self Released (May 2017)

Calming, mature, and possessing a hint of nature's magic, Clouding is an aptly-titled debut that temporarily erases life's weight and encourages the imagination skywards; a record with a hypnotic presence and an intrepid spirit.

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Lillet Blanc

Foul Play from the EP Lillet Blanc Self Released (November 2016)

Shimmering with enamouring elegance, Lillet Blanc's gorgeous debut is a welcome soundtrack to a summer of muggy, sleepless nights; a dreamy haze with a tastefully applied vintage filter.

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我會不會又睡到下午了 (Sleep till Afternoon) from the EP 我會不會又睡到下午了 (Sleep till Afternoon) Reverb Addiction Records (October 2016)

Charming and sentimental, the debut EP from Taiwanese quartet DSPS is a temperate record that sails calmly through life's noise, glistening modestly but beautifully as it goes.

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Terry vs. Tori

High Tide from the EP Leap Day Self Released / Spirit Goth Records (May 2017)

Bright, infectious and also a little mournful, the excellent sophomore effort from Terry vs. Tori is an aestival entity that enamours greatly with its union of jangly instrumentation, gentle conveyance and an anxious, somewhat troubled disposition.

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Cold Wave from the EP Haunt Your Days Self Released / Pacific Nature Records (March 2017)

Exceptionally melodic and slickly constructed, the latest pair of tracks from Mint have a gratifying flow and flourish about them; a relaxed, modest and well-placed confidence with instant appeal.

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Brunch Club

Bed Bugs from the EP Brunch Club Hidden Bay Records (March 2017)

Effervescent and benevolent, the first official release from Brunch Club is not just a relentlessly melodic release of energy, but also a conduit of low-key positive vibes; a compassionate voice trying to instigate a bout of rejuvenation.

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