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playlist / Oct 18

Alternative Melodies October 2021

Listen on Spotify Listen on BNDCMPR A curated playlist update featuring new, alternative independent music from the US, India, Japan, Taiwan and Canada. While the previous edition of Alternative Melodies had a focus on dream-pop, this month (tracks 1-12) features a wider variety of associated genres that exist under the 'alternative' umbrella, and this will continue to be the way of things moving forwards. Enjoy! (the bndcmpr version of this update is missing the track by Anoushka Maskey & Cosmic Grooves, which is not available on Bandcamp)
Bandcamp links: Lainey Gonzales / The Bird Eaters / Anoushka Maskey / Cosmic Grooves / Mandark / My Dear Friends / OK Cool / The Ophelias / SACOYANS / school portraits / Jane Migraine / Tear Ducks / Emma Noren
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