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playlist / Oct 25

All Pop October 2021

Listen on Spotify Listen on BNDCMPR Time for something entirely new for this project: a POP playlist. Curated and with a focus on independent artists, as per usual, there should be something here for anyone who has enjoyed the other playlists this month and last, and features tracks that may have been a fit elsewhere, but are ultimately, in my opinion, more at home here. Hope you enjoy (and if you do, maybe consider sharing with a friend or work pal as a lil office pick-me-up?).
Bandcamp links: Posie / Codi Smith / Indiana Williams / CÁRA / Tallbird / Natalie Oliveri / Donia Touglo / Natalie McCool / Hobart Curtis / Konni Kass / Trisha & Thara / Isabelle Tarran
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