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Alternative Melodies 5


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Released: March 2016 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning with cover artwork by Áďa Vychopňová

Featuring the considerable talents of: Loop Line / Pony / Supermoon / Kristoff Waltz / Planetario / Hateflirt / Pens+ / Good Shade / Acid Fast / Burnt Palms

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Loop Line

Nothing About You from the EP Wakes Self Released (January 2016)

Creatively melodic and structurally varied, Wakes offers a gloriously carefree selection of potential theme tunes for an imaginary good-natured, high-spirited sitcom.

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Don't Go from the EP Crushed Self Released (June 2015)

Irresistibly catchy, the debut from Pony enamours with its honest yearnings and determinedly sunny vibrations.

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Supermoon from the EP Comet Lovejoy Alarum Records (June 2015)

Casual and clever, Comet Lovejoy effortlessly acquires attention with its breezy, optimistic melodies, playful structures and subtle communication of disappointment and uncertainty.

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Kristoff Waltz

Romero from the EP The Innocents Self Released (February 2016)

Sweet, dreamy and easy to fall for, the vintagely cheerful debut from Kristoff Waltz emits the kind of chilled, positive vibes that the world seems so intent on trying to silence.

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Dia especial from the EP EP Self Released (January 2016)

Very likely to stir feelings of great fondness, Planetario's lovingly crafted debut is delivered with an endearing benevolence and sincerity that takes one's daydreams to a safer, more hopeful place.

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Lowest Lows from the EP Hateflirt Self Released (June 2015)

Unerringly hypnotic, the trudging debut from Hateflirt is unshakably compelling with its faultless patience and heavy, pre-thunderstorm-esque atmosphere.

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Daylight Daydream from the EP OUR days. Walk Records (December 2015)

The antidote to a bad mood, the latest from Pens+ is a wonderful, smile-inducing record of math-y wizardry and infectious excitement.

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Good Shade

Plastic Hell from the album Breakfast Self Released (December 2015)

A sure-fire boon to energy levels, Breakfast is a highly entertaining thrill ride of scathing observations and relentless, blisteringly paced melodies.

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Acid Fast

Blackout Curtains from the album Last Night on Earth Self Released (June 2015)

Not unfamiliar, but with a clearly appreciable willingness to explore, Acid Fast's punk-rock shines with intriguing structures and a consistently well implemented female / male vocal contrast.

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Burnt Palms

31 from the album Back On My Wall We Were Never Being Boring (February 2016)

Difficult to pin down, Back On My Wall fascinates with it's combination of high tempo instrumentation, muggy atmosphere and understatedly charming, almost languorously delivered vocals.

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