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Alternative Melodies 4


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Released: April 2015 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning with cover artwork by Áďa Vychopňová

A minor name change (from 'Alt/Punk') to better represent the breadth of styles covered by the series, Vol. 4 features tracks by; Leggy / Varsity / The Daddyo's / Whitebridge / Father Mountain / Iris / Janelane / Mercury Girls / Great Grandpa / Dunes / Blonder.

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July from the EP Nice Try Self Released (February 2015)

Entirely assured but without the merest hint of arrogance or posturing, the sophomore EP from Leggy is a confident and supremely competent collection of sharply written garage pop, delivering the kind of intelligent hooks that ensure it will be a welcome resident of your auditory cortex for the foreseeable future. Basically, irresistible.

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Amanda from the album Varsity Self Released (March 2015)

Unremittingly catchy, and the perfect accompaniment to a clear blue sky, once it has your attention – and have your attention, it will – Varsity’s self-titled debut album makes sure that a lack of restraint with regard the volume controller, not to mention your feet, isn’t just recommended but pretty much guaranteed.

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The Daddyo's

Crop Top from the EP Smother Your Brother Self Released / Rubber Brother Records (Oct 2014)

So chilled that it almost comes as a surprise each time it reache-ofs the final track, the debut album from The Daddyo’s kinda reflects the moments you spend nervously and courageously talking at someone you really like whilst they pay you no attention at all and instead begin a conversation with someone else.

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Willow from the EP Whitebridge Self Released (April 2015)

Effortlessly and strikingly melodic, New Jersey quartet Whitebridge give off an air of seasoned and highly capable campaigners on their debut tracks, both of which make an inarguable case for being played on repeat.

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Father Mountain

Bones from the EP On Leaving & Being Left Behind Self Released (November 2014)

Utterly convincing emotion released through patient, thoughtfully constructed songs, On Leaving & Being Left Behind enamours, saddens and motivates with a canny ability to raise goosebumps on every playthrough.

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Stay Away from the EP Nectar Self Released (December 2014)

Punctuated by the kind of torment-drenched vocals that seem to naturally omit every nuance of psychological pain, Nectar is a raw affair, equipped to be loud, but prepared to give extra emphasis to such moments by holding back when necessary.



Mary Jane (You're Much Too Special To Be Mine) from the EP Peaches and Cream Self Released (March 2015)

The latest two-track release from Californian quartet, Janelane, is the live soundtrack to any formal dance event from the past hundred years where there is awkwardness in the air and sparkles in eyes.

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Mercury Girls

Golden from the EP Demos Self Released (March 2015)

Lustrously pretty couple of tracks suggestive of seaside memories, no longer amendable, recalled with both a sun-bathed bliss and rain-soaked regret.

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Great Grandpa

Cheeto lust from the EP Can Opener Broken World Media (March 2015)

Can Opener is a record that refuses to be pinned down. Melodies jink this way and that, seemingly transitioning between several different moods before making their return to baseline. Given the number of twists and turns, it’s quite the accomplishment that the record manages to be so darn catchy.

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1875 from the EP Self Titled Self Released (January 2015)

A record of disgruntled melodies and an attitude that has, for the most part, voyaged far beyond the point of caring, Self Titled reluctantly enters your ears when it’d probably much rather be punching someone – anyone - in the face.

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Nicole from the EP Yellow Self Released (February 2015)

Mellow and of a determinedly sunny disposition, Yellow plays like a nostalgic recollection of leisurely paced weekends spent learning life.

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