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Oneiric Escapism 1


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Released: February 2015 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning with cover artwork by GILLIAN HO

Quiet and loud, sparse and busy, electronic and experimental, the Oneiric Escapism series is a mix of atmospheric delights, each of its tracks - and the records they come from - capable of transporting the listener into another time or place. Perhaps even both.

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Delta from the album Holodreem Self Released (January 2015)

The debut full-length from Aphir is a hugely powerful, densely atmospheric record that presents an intensely personal and emotionally challenging narrative amidst a dichotomous cosmic vista. It is heavy, captivating, dark and beautiful; a work to leaden hearts.

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Ryoma Sakoh

Ryoma Sakoh - 第三都市の人々 (The Third Planet) from the EP S.O.S Tanukineiri Records (January 2015)

Delicate and understated, S.O.S is a record that washes over the listener like the least threatening of ocean waves, removing life’s stresses with its gentle caress and replacing them with unagitated bliss.

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Ivory Towers

Totem from the EP Endling Self Released (November 2014)

Listen through headphones, and the debut effort from Ivory Towers has an effect on the senses that, one would imagine, is not dissimilar to the deteriorating grasp of reality experienced whilst adventuring in the more sinister depths of Wonderland; Quinne Rodgers’ layered vocals enabling her to cast a disorientating and unconventionally enchanting spell.

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Moth Rah

Anima from the EP Anima // Forest Self Released (October 2014)

An intelligently constructed, Bat For Lashes-esque pair of tracks that deliver their listeners to a concealed glade in a druidic forest, engulfed by ancient symbolism under a permanent mystical twilight.

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Your Schizophrenia

The Ghostly Letter: Autumn from the album Whispers of Ink Hearts Self Released (October 2014)

Whispers of Ink Hearts is a lingering and earnestly communicated sadness: a plaintive release of the oppressive thoughts that persistently scorn and torment from the shadowy corners of a candlelit mind.

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Suburbio from the EP Um Self Released (January 2015)

A patient and gloriously unassuming debut collection, Um’s interesting sounds and entrancing, modestly-delivered vocals combine elegantly to create an absorbing and irresistible temperate ambience.

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Lief Hall

Glass Machine from the EP Transform Self Released (January 2015)

Playing like the omniscient soundtrack to a series of momentous events, Transform possesses an effortless grandeur that proves capable of hitting both the cataclysmic and humanistic sweet spots.

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What I Mean from the EP Ave Memory N° 36 (January 2015)

Ave evokes the energy-sapping humidity that clings clothes to skin before a thunderstorm, taking the listener on a solitary evening walk under ominously darkening skies, troubled by a persistent heaviness that is one part atmospheric pressure, two parts emotional burden.

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Cloudjumping from the album Dive In Saint Marie Records (June 2014)

Loud, yet strangely smooth, Dive In is home to a high, pneumatic wall of marvellously coloured sound, quickly but fluently vacillating from one mesmeric shade to another.

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Elements from the EP Vsitor Self Released (January 2015)

The debut release from Vsitor impresses a series of scenes exposing love and exploration on an alien world, the mostly barren landscape offering an intriguing, galactic-influenced introspection interspersed with bursts of scientific exhilaration.

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We Don't Know from the album Souvenir de Futur Self Released (December 2014)

Souvenir de Futur’s harmonious contrast of speedily skipping beats and dreamy, laid back vocals is suggestive of a journey through the clouds on a toy rocket, one that logic would dictate is highly unsuitable for the rigours of the job, but seems to be flying anyway; the overall effect - a state of slightly fidgety relaxation.

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You Melting from the EP Glories Self Released (September 2014)

An intoxicating blend of experimental structures and gothic mystique, Glories is a wonderfully reserved debut effort with the sincerest of hearts.

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Golden Fable

Avalanche from the album Ancient Blue Self Released (November 2014)

Ancient Blue is the impeccably clean and composed soundtrack to flickering memories; a sincere choice of accompaniment to reminiscence of life-shaping journeys and reposeful havens from fond times long passed.

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07:09 from the EP Sides Self Released (January 2015)

Sides exists constantly on the periphery of your senses; a true love in the distance whose outstretched hands desperately seek the embrace that you, too, so long for, but are unable to ever reach in the agonising but poignant reality of an infinite, dream-governed time and space.

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