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Beautiful Songwriting 3


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Released: December 2014 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning

Featuring: Flower Face / Jjiraf / Cara Mitchell / I Am The Sky / Maddy Sleigh / Haley Galliano / Claire Cronin / Mari Joyce / Richard Allen / Jason Howell / Conversations

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Flower Face

Funeral Kid from the EP Funeral Kid Self Released (October 2014)

A gentle and frighteningly accomplished conveyance of mood, Funeral Kid displays a reverence for quietude that belies its creator's mere sixteen-years and allows her fragile, forlorn musical disposition - so softly communicated – to hold one's attention for as long as she pleases.

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Mythology from the EP Petrichor Self Released (September 2014)

A classy, splendidly constructed and effortlessly beautiful debut record, Petrichor's intriguingly written, elegantly delivered vocal harmonies paint the kind of picturesque scene that, if translated to canvas, would provide the principal interest in any gallery, drawing wistful contemplation from every inevitably lingering glance.

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Cara Mitchell

Suspended Motion from the EP Afraid Of The Dark Self Released (November 2014)

As challenging as it may be, to not look beyond the beguiling, irresistibly sweet vocals of Cara Mitchell would be to miss the contradictorily sepulchral themes and exceptional lyricism present on Afraid Of The Dark, a record presented by an engaging storyteller with an ear for melody and adroit eye for detail.

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Jesse Daniel Smith

If You Love Me from the EP The World Doesn't Need Another Record Self Released (August 2014)

Marrying his husky, endlessly soulful voice with lively guitar work, Jesse Daniel Smith's beautifully flowing solo record is faultlessly executed and guaranteed to put a spring in your step with its mellifluent, breezy air.

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Maddy Sleigh

Lost from the EP Cover Letter Self Released (November 2014)

Cover Letter, the enticing debut from Ottawa's Maddy Sleigh, is not so easy to read as one might first imagine, for whilst her gorgeous voice presents amatory, indulgence and huge self-assurance, there are also moments where, backed by regret-laced instrumentation, a hint of anguish haunts and betrays the previously accepted confidence, in doing so, providing a layer of uncertainty and intrigue that is difficult to shake.

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Haley Galliano

Demons from the EP June Self Released (October 2014)

A bold collection of piano-led pop, June's stirring and believable songs are ripe for repeat listening, made especially so by the moments that Haley Galliano's room-silencing vocal tone is at its most perspicuously distinctive.

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Claire Cronin

They Say from the EP Blacklegs Self Released (September 2014)

With a brooding sadness that permeates its every aspect - from the literary storytelling to the bewitching vocals and haunting ambience - Blacklegs is a window to a persistent, inescapable darkness, where the present is bleak and the future unconquerable.

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Mari Joyce

Open Your Eyes from the EP The Tent Self Released (November 2014)

Mari Joyce's string-laden The Tent plays likes a walk in the English countryside, where one meanders at will in predictably unpredictable weather, caring not a whit about either the passage of time or relentlessly wet socks, because the fresh air is invigorating, and the soundtrack enchanting, honest and true.

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Richard Allen

You & I from the EP In The Front Room Self Released (November 2014)

An ideal accompaniment to the lonely hours of a sleep-deprived night, In The Front Room is an easy-going, contemplative record capable of gently assuaging the workings of an overactive mind with its undemanding olde-worlde sensibilities and Allen's soothing vocal tone.

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Jason Howell

Skeletons from the album Vital Organs Self Released (July 2014)

A reflective, forthright and lyrically attentive collection, Vital Organs mixes simmering melancholy with boiling outbursts, solemnising the virtues of redemption one moment, questioning its validity the next; Howell, with his distinctive, earnest voice, manifestly feeling a deep connection to every carefully chosen word.

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Washington Third from the EP Washington Third Self Released (November 2014)

Managing to all but stop time, Washington Third's unhurried approach evokes a feeling of small-town importance; the soft, breathless vocals and alluring rumination suggestive of a melancholic drama that one wouldn't be without.

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