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Beautiful Songwriting 1


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Released: January 2014 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning

Featuring tracks taken from the latest releases of; Isobel Anderson / Gar Clemens / Hollie April / Natalie Evans / Race To The Sea / New Born / Hana Zara / David Ronnegard / Down Like Silver / Aphir / Vienna Ditto

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Isobel Anderson

Botanical Romance from the album In My Garden Self Released (December 2013)

With a voice bearing such undeniable presence as to seem its own entity, Isobel Anderson has produced what is, at its vocally resplendent peak, surely as effortless, transfixing and timeless a folk record as one is likely to find.

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Gar Clemens

St. Anthony's Pawn Shop from the album Onion Eyes Self Released (December 2013)

Gar Clemens' delightful Americana-influenced-folk debut full-length may be simple, sleepy and comforting, but it is also thematically captivating, and all too capable of stirring up the kind of nagging life sentiments usually reserved for when your head hits the pillow.

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Hollie April

The Sun and the Sea from the EP Marionette Self Released (December 2013)

Expertly crafted, Marionette is an often delicate, shyly sorrowful record given life by the stunning, distinctive vocal talents of a creator whose voice pulls on the heartstrings with both its grainy fragility and pristine flourishes.

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Natalie Evans

Butterflies from the EP Houses Self Released (March 2013)

Almost certainly one of the prettiest records your ears will ever be fortunate enough to process, Houses is like a musical representation of the perfect daydream. You’ll have not the slightest desire to struggle when you realise that Evans is gently prising away your hope-restored heart.

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Race To The Sea

Daredevil from the EP Race To The Sea Self Released (November 2013)

Best appreciated at the end of a long day, the debut EP from Race To The Sea transports the listener to a deserted urban street of thorough calm and tranquillity, its carefully constructed ambience and deftly delivered vocals enhanced further by Dan Peacock's flair for subtle melodies.

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New Born

Worst Enemy from the EP Lost In The City (Demos) Self Released (October 2013)

The echoing calls of a soul lost in the empty spaces of a world too busy to notice, New Born's demo release is a relatable purge of self-doubt and insecurity, expressing the loneliness of the human condition with the help of copious and entirely befitting reverb.

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Hana Zara

New World Order from the album Tatterhood Self Released (September 2013)

Tatterhood plays like a collection of vignettes, with Hana Zara's confident lyricism and immaculate pacing as such, that she is able to offer the listener a lonely seat watching re-runs of the tales playing out before them; the tone of her voice betraying an emotional turbulence that is equally sad and fascinating.

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David Rönnegård

Just to Stay from the EP Goddess Self Released (November 2013)

Mixing foot-stomping alt-folk charges with heartbreaking moments of quiesce, Goddess is an often defiant, sometimes nostalgic collection that baulks at the concept of emotional suppression and leaves the listener in no doubt whatsoever about the abundance of honesty poured into each of its tracks.

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Down Like Silver

Light That Match from Light That Match Self Released (December 2013)

Some voices are meant for one another, or so it seems with Down Like Silver's Caitlin Canty and Peter Bradley Adams, whose latest release features two tracks of warm, folky harmonies that would heat even the coldest of winter-claimed lodges.

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Long Shadow from the EP Invirtue Self Released (June 2013)

Choral music with a contemporary flavour, Invirtue is how one imagines a concert of the angels would sound, the pure, gentle vocals mesmerising in their delivery of divine possibilities. A stunningly produced triumph of creativity.

http://aphir.bandcamp.com/album/invirtue / Facebook

Vienna Ditto

By Way of Apology from the EP Ugly Self Released (September 2013)

As I have stated once before, Vienna Ditto could be the famed house-band at the most progressive of western saloons, the swankiest of jazz clubs or the trendiest of futuristic space bars. Ugly is another softly sung collection of era defiance that should surely see its creators requiring a permit for being quite so cool.

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