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Alt/Punk Vol. 1

Released: November 2013

Our very first compilation features tracks from; The Radio Reds / Save Ends / White City / The Uprising / Ghost Thrower / The Hard Aches / Colour Me Wednesday / Tiger Bell / Sweatshop Boys / Zero The Hero / Rivals / Little Big League / Mixtape Saints / The Hallingtons / Summerhill

Carefully curated, as always. Stream, download, enjoy, share, and support those involved.

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Words & Links

Each track included on this compilation has been selected as a representation of the record it was originally recorded for; a record that, in all cases, A Lonely Ghost Burning believes deserving of more attention. Below are some short write-ups of these records, not intended as review material, but simply as an attempt to communicate one person's experiences with them. Words: Jamie Downes

The Radio Reds

Memory Loss Scaredy Cat Records (July 2013)
While superbly distinctive vocals permeate The Radio Reds' debut full length, Memory Loss sees the North Carolina four-piece not resting on those laurels, but on a veritable stockpile of enthralling alt-punk ideas and melodies. Download (PWYW)

Save Ends

Warm Hearts, Cold Hands Tiny Engines (Nov 2013)
Opposing male and female vocals confront and blend brilliantly in helping to deliver a residuum of the warming winter glow one experiences when involved in a lovelorn drama with a potentially positive outcome. Download / Vinyl

White City

White City Demos Self Released (Oct 2013)
On the evidence of this two-track demo, one could be forgiven for speculating whether the members of White City are, in fact, capable of bringing superior hooks into the world with a mere collective click of their fingers. Pretty much as effortlessly catchy as it gets. Download (PWYW)

The Uprising

The Uprising
Self Released (Oct 2013)
Outstanding meshing of snarly, punk-rock aesthetics with memorable melodies, the German quartet's debut release is the soundtrack to an irrefutably angry protest carried out by an immaculate interpretive dance troupe wearing Lars Frederiksen masks. Download / Tape

Ghost Thrower

Ghost Thrower Broken Circles / Disposable America (Oct 2013)
Characterised by impeccable levels of restraint, Ghost Thrower have produced a lyrically absorbing, musically and vocally sophisticated slice of emo-rock, the kind that the term 'grower' was coined for. Download / Tape

The Hard Aches

Organs & Airports Anchorhead (Nov 2013)
There are few records that so determinedly demand the listener believe every word uttered and each emotion expressed. This is one of them. Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve; the heart of this is raised at half-mast, visible and identifiable to cities far away from the band's hometown of Adelaide. Download

Colour Me Wednesday

I Thought It Was Morning Discount Horse Records (Aug 2013)
Laid back, but opinionated, this is the endearing, English-accented sound of amiable twenty-somethings debating how to change both the major and minor ills of the world in the local pub garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon.> Download / Vinyl

Tiger Bell

Don't Wanna Hear About Your Band! Platinum Records (Nov 2013)
Confirmation of the promise demonstrated on their debut EP, the Swedish quartet's first full-length offers another dose of unruly, rapid and brightly coloured garage-rock that swaggers into disorder with unshakable self-assurance and a drunken smile. Download / Vinyl

Sweatshop Boys

The Great Depression Dirt Cult (Sept 2013)
If songs were to become sentient, each of the thirteen here would quickly position themselves at the start of the record before attempting unyieldingly to play louder and faster than their equally frenzied siblings. Gloriously impatient and ripe for repeat listening. Download / Vinyl

Zero The Hero

Heart Vs Mind Self Released (Oct 2013)
Heart Vs Mind is the best kind of pop-punk familiarity, with Zero The Hero throwing out relentlessly memorable hooks baited with recognisable vocals and a sharp understanding of what can make their chosen genre so damn appealing to young and old kids alike. Download


Coloring Pages Self Released (Oct 2013)
Impressive debut effort from French four-piece who, with their urgent tempos and layered vocals, would appear to take their most notable cues from a pre-mainstream-seeking Taking Back Sunday. Download (pwyw)

Little Big League

These Are Good People Tiny Engines (Aug 2013)
Resplendently understated and hugely rewarding of patience, the instrumentation mimics the immediately fascinating vocals that flit from disquieting calm and contentment to intensely unhinged meltdowns, only increasing in their intrigue on each playthrough. Download / Vinyl

Mixtape Saints

Heavy Water Self Released (Nov 2013)
While a debut that contains elements of modern britpop, the addition of believable punk grit absorbs any potentially swampy mediocrity and grants easy passage far beyond those possible indie contemporaries into a place of authenticity and substance. Download (PWYW)

The Hallingtons

All She Did Was Lie Self Released (Oct 2013)
Fast and fun throwback to a bygone era that, in a welcome change of emphasis, utterly embraces simplicity and frivolity. Download (PWYW)


2013 Self Released (Nov 2013)
Modestly sprawling small-town songs that appear to satiate a desire for contemplative alt-punk before leaving you wanting more. Download (PWYW)