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Beautiful Songwriting Vol. 6

Released: December 2017 Cover art: Ann-Sofie Vejs

Featuring: Pitou / Keilan Creech / Charm of Finches / Emma Gatrill / Brynja Bjarnadóttir / The Royal Parks / Maggie Whitlock / Frére / Davis / Kora Feder

Carefully curated, as always. Stream, download, enjoy, share, and support those involved. This is very much a free compilation, however; if anyone does wish to purchase it for their Bandcamp collection (or for any other reason), the proceeds will be passed on to Equality Now: an international nonprofit organisation that works towards creating a just world for women and girls through legal and systematic change.

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Words & Links

Each track included on this compilation has been selected as a representation of the record it was originally recorded for; a record that, in all cases, A Lonely Ghost Burning believes deserving of more attention. Below are some short write-ups of these records, not intended as review material, but simply as an attempt to communicate one person's experiences with them. Words: Jamie Downes


Pitou Mink Records (September 2016) 'Immediately and intensely captivating… …, the melodically and sonically sophisticated debut from Pitou is a strikingly deliberate and successful demonstration of aurally-sensitive emotion; an immaculately composed, masterfully paced listen that gets better with each playthrough. ' Stream / Vinyl / CD

Keilan Creech

Honey Waits Self Released (November 2017) 'Soothing and inviting… …, the mellisonant debut from Keilan Creech is a blissful escape from life's draining, incessant need for attention; an anxiety-pacifying influence that slows the world a little with a calming, gently enveloping atmosphere and easygoing ambience.' Stream / Download

Charm of Finches

Staring at the Starry Ceiling Self Released (July 2016) 'Heartfelt and Melancholy… …, the debut album from Charm of Finches exists as a consolable, youthful darkness; a persistent but not perpetual foe whose shroud will be unable to disguise the world's beauty when light inevitably reveals itself anew.' Stream / Download / CD

Emma Gatrill

Cocoon flau (March 2017) 'Intriguing and assured... …, listening to the immensely charming, expertly composed second album from Emma Gatrill is akin to exploring the modest grounds of a country cottage that was long ago imbued with benign magic; an exciting, immersive and soul-refreshing experience that makes the world seem a special, more wondrous place to be.' Stream / Download / Vinyl / Vinyl (2) / CD

Brynja Bjarnadóttir

EP Found Toys. creative (April 2017)
' Reflective and kindly... …, Brynja Bjarnadóttir's debut is becoming of a gentle daydream set in one's happy place; a woolgathering getaway where troubles are not heavy obstacles to be bound to but, rather, experiences to be contemplated as they float away into the aether.' Stream / Download / Cassette

The Royal Parks

Suburb Home Self Released (April 2017) ' Wholesome and affecting... ..., The Royal Parks' bittersweet debut is a musical diary communicated with heavy-hearted sincerity; a record of gorgeous harmonies and palpable, graceful poignancy.' Stream / Download / Vinyl

Maggie Whitlock

the seams Green Line Records (April 2017) 'Slowing then expediting time at will... …, the often plaintive debut EP from Maggie Whitlock is a restrained and concentrated set of tales with an immensely personal feel -- a modest, unostentatious approach allowing the songs to eventually swell and beautifully communicate the emotional importance held within.' Stream / Download


Void Self Released / popup-records (September 2017) 'Unassuming and absorbing... …, the debut LP from Frére exists as a wandering sadness trapped in a self-made maze of longing and regret; a bleak, well-established outlook torn between the prospect of escape and that of becoming steadfastly, undyingly resigned to its lonely fate.' Stream / Download / Vinyl / CD


Stills Self Released (November 2017) 'Darkly resplendent… …, 'Stills' plays like a beautiful, mournful rendering of the time spent trying to recover from a soul-emptying sadness; a lonely, claustrophobic gloom periodically brightened to reveal a life that still exists by a series of expansive yet humble musical flourishes.' Stream / Download

Kora Feder

Marigolds Self Released (August 2017) 'Earnestly melancholic... ..., Marigolds plays like a melodic salutation to all that is neglected and forgotten by a world at the mercy of Father Time; the carefully conceived work of a thoroughly engaging and exceptionally capable storyteller. Stream / Download / CD