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Beautiful Songwriting Vol. 4

Released: June 2015 Cover art: Ann-Sofie Vejs

The fourth volume in our Beautiful Songwriting series - the first released this year - features tracks by; Molly Pinto Madigan / Chris Hartt / Rosemary & Garlic / All The King's Daughters / Jillian Kay / Aisha Badru / Rosie Caldecott / Jessica Flamand / Blackbird Peregrine / Alanna Eileen / Tanner Swift.

Carefully curated, as always. Stream, download, enjoy, share, and support those involved.

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Words & Links

Each track included on this compilation has been selected as a representation of the record it was originally recorded for; a record that, in all cases, A Lonely Ghost Burning believes deserving of more attention. Below are some short write-ups of these records, not intended as review material, but simply as an attempt to communicate one person's experiences with them. Words: Jamie Downes

Molly Pinto Madigan

Wildwood Bride Self Released (March 2015)
A varied record that is difficult to categorise, Wildwood Bride demonstrates that, no matter the style she dips into, Molly Pinto Madigan is capable of winning your heart; throughout her most idyllically atmospheric creations, especially, her beautiful voice is simply impossible to resist. Stream / purchase digital, CD & vinyl on Bandcamp

Chris Hartt

To Your Love Self Released (May 2015)
To Your Love is, quite simply, a gorgeous debut release; a haunting, enervating nostalgia that provides an apposite soundtrack to the lonely viewing of old home videos - the kind that conjure a semblance of a person, time, feeling or ambience into being that we know in our heart can never truly return for real. Stream / purchase on Bandcamp

Rosemary & Garlic

The Kingfisher Self Released (Jan 2015)
Rosemary and Garlic’s debut EP is a truly sublime epic of mood; a pensive and often lonely telling of personal stories amid wonderfully atmospheric backdrops of timeless, universe-controlled grandeur that are simply too huge and important for one single consciousness to ever truly grasp. Stream / purchase on Bandcamp

All The King's Daughters

Because I Wanted To Self Released (January 2015)
Carefully measured, but with moments of considerable breeze, the debut release from innately charismatic Dutch-based sisterly duo, All The King’s Daughters, is a collection of irresistible harmonies delivered with a conveyance of unshakeable zest; the creators sounding unfalteringly immersed and united in their music. Stream / purchase on Bandcamp (NYP)

Jillian Kay

Dead Flowers Self Released (June 2015)
Wonderfully distinctive and erratic, Dead Flowers is a fiercely raw and heart-wrenchingly fragile outpouring of the lurking thoughts and feelings that disturb normality; Jillian Kay, at times, just daring the world to ignore the words that her delivery suggests she simply must release. Stream / purchase digital (NYP) & CD on Bandcamp

Aisha Badru

Vacancy Self Released (February 2015)
A collection that mesmerises with its copious and laudable levels of vulnerability, Vacancy hints strongly at a longing that Aisha Badru’s soft, exquisite vocals and delicate, carefully constructed songs could not be better suited to expressing. Stream / purchase on Bandcamp

Rosie Caldecott

Inside Out Self Released (July 2015)
Combining bravely progressive structures with unapologetically poetic folk sensibilities, Inside Out is refined and elaborate; Rosie Caldecott’s charming voice and wise, earnest delivery leaving one more than happy to be lost within the labyrinthian intricacies of a splendid debut effort. Stream / purchase digital (NYP) & CD on Bandcamp

Jessica Flamand

The Lost Years Self Released (Dec 2014)
A graceful yet resolute folk record with its heart and soul residing in a century of yore, The Lost Years showcases an unconditioned capacity for communicating the nuances of emotion; Jessica Flamand’s enamouring voice and proficient storytelling capturing her nothing short of undivided attention. Stream / purchase on Bandcamp (NYP)

Blackbird Peregrine

Dreams Can Fly Self Released (March 2015)
Enveloped by a dense, inescapable atmosphere, Blackbird Peregrine's Dreams Can Fly occasionally stirs but mostly simmers, placing tales of immaculately and plaintively communicated loss – told with such manifest and honestly as to draw absolute admiration – alongside more celebratory notes that embrace the heavy ambience and natural mystique the duo's sound exemplifies. Stream / purchase on Bandcamp

Alanna Eileen

Absence Self Released (January 2015)
A melancholic but wonderful reminder of what it is to truly feel something important, Alanna Eileen’s Absence is an intensely emotional debut of haunting lucidity and ghostly, affecting beauty. Stream / purchase on Bandcamp

Tanner Swift (Jvdas)

I'm Losing Friends Self Released (May 2015)
Tanner Swift’s debut effort is a sincere and relatable admittance of the inner-turmoil caused by the past wrongs and hurt that can shape one’s present, yet for all the mistakes and let-downs it details, I’m Losing Friends ultimately comes through as a redemptive effort; one intent on birthing something better for the future. Stream / purchase on Bandcamp