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Alt/Punk Vol. 2

Released: March 2014

Featuring tracks taken from the latest releases of; Bad Ideas / Kissing Booth / Dogbreth / Trampoline Team / Hung Up / Evacuate The Fallen / Growing Up A Ghost / My Sleepless Youth / Accidente / Boys / American Haiku

Carefully curated, as always. Stream, download, enjoy, share, and support those involved.

Download via Bandcamp (free) or via Noisetrade (free)

Words & Links

Each track included on this compilation has been selected as a representation of the record it was originally recorded for; a record that, in all cases, A Lonely Ghost Burning believes deserving of more attention. Below are some short write-ups of these records, not intended as review material, but simply as an attempt to communicate one person's experiences with them. Words: Jamie Downes

Bad Ideas

Bad Ideas Self Released (March 2014)
Idiosyncratic mix of punk-rock theatrics and breezy power-pop which I portend has a greater than ninety-five-percent chance of instigating repeat listening. As a stand-alone track, So Wrong ups that chance to nigh on a-hundred-percent. Download (PWYW)

Kissing Booth

Kissing Booth Midnight Funeral Music (December 2013)
Just as adept at writing slow, hopeful musings as they are a good melody, dual-fronted Melbourne quartet Kissing Booth have put together a masterfully restrained record that perfectly utilises the talents of both vocalists. Be forewarned however, the lightly gravelled tones of Grace Lawry are more than likely to make your heart skip a beat. Download / Tape


Sentimental Health Lost Sound Tapes / Plan-It-X Records (Nov 2013)
An oddly kindred spirit of an album, the introverted and understated Sentimental Health is bright, cheerfully naive and of an endearing, affable disposition. More bands like this please. Download / Tape / Vinyl

Trampoline Team

Velveteen Dream Pelican Pow Wow Records (February 2014)
Velveteen Dream strikes me as a record on the verge of being acceptable to play in a diner. I mean, it’d probably piss off the majority of the clientèle, but there’s a fun, carefree attitude to its speedy, surf-enthused garage-rock that seems fitting of a place where the staff should be serving on roller-skates. Huge potential. Download / Vinyl

Hung Up

A Minds Way Away Save Your Generation Records (December 2013)
The super catchy debut from Michigan quartet Hung Up legitimately ticks all the necessary pop-punk boxes while adding some sparing but well-timed shouts and a believable, not unwelcome touch of vocal and lyrical spite. Download / CD

Evacuate The Fallen

The Coast, The Sea Self Released (March 2014)
Combining the melodic nous of Tonight Alive, the slightly heavier intentions of To Paint The Sky and some well integrated electro elements, The Coast, The Sea provides a clear demonstration of Evacuate The Fallen’s crossover potential. A possible breakout band of 2014. Download

Growing Up A Ghost

Do Something Self Released (February 2014)
Rocking some expertly cool and accessible mathy melodies, the debut EP from Cincinnati trio Growing Up A Ghost dazzles with modesty; a musically tight and impressively assured accompaniment for a sunny day. Download (PWYW)

My Sleepless Youth

New Streets, To Come Back Home Self Released (November 2013)
Debut record from Italian post-hardcore quintet combines a super distinctive tone to the clean vocals, a clear commitment to the shouty parts and an ear for a melody. It’d likely be considered lazy of me to say that it’s a must for fans of Alexisonfire and From Autum To Ashes, but… Download (PWYW)


Amistad y Rebelión Self Released (January 2014)
Mainly sung in Spanish and thus serving as hugely compelling proof of the power of superior melodies, the fast-paced sophomore effort from Madrid punk-rockers Accidente is liable to have you singing along, even if, like myself, you are an ignorant Englishman with no notable foreign language skills. Really high quality stuff. Download (Free)


Demo Bloated Kat Records (November 2013)
Attitude-laden, terrifically melodic and high-tempo first recordings from Cincinnati’s Boys, which, accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders and a middle-finger salute, provide the perfect response to life's annoyances. Download (PWYW) / Vinyl

American Haiku

e.p Little League Records (November 2013)
The latest from Denver natives American Haiku is the kind of record many of us probably wish we could pull off; an uninhibited expression of emotion that can gently capture the intimacy of a moment before letting loose on an obstinate train of thought without so much as a hint of whiny self-importance. Download (PWYW) / Tape