ALGB 004

Beautiful Songwriting Vol. 2

Released: May 2014

Featuring: The Capsules / anchor & the butterfly / Arctic Tern / Ayla Nereo / Joseph / Calvin Lamothe / a million creatures / Seth Paul Macchi / Kathryn Joseph / Prim / Kine Hjeldnes

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A Lonely Ghost Burning's carefully curated compilations aim to serve as a gateway into newly released albums, EPs and demos that have our unreserved backing. There's no filler, no reputations, just great music from records that deserve all the extra exposure they can get.

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Future Plans?

All being well, our next alt/punk offering will be available in August, with the next beautiful songwriting collection pencilled in for September/October. Follow us at the usual places for updates.

1.) You Are A Metaphor

The Capsules

The Long Goodbye

Saint Marie Records (May 2014)

You need only close your eyes for the latest from The Capsules to transport you onto a single cloud in an otherwise clear blue sky, and on what is a miraculously worthy follow-up to their stunning fourth album, the journey is once again guaranteed to be idyllic.(Jamie Downes // 19/05/14)

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2.) White and Grey

anchor & the butterfly

Nothing To Win Nothing To Lose

Ghost Gum Records (March 2014)

A truly exquisite display of refined, musically-articulate emotion, the debut album from anchor & the butterfly is an extraordinary collection of elegant, dignified songs that, with their apparent acceptance of the human condition, slowly burn a single tear-shaped hole in your ageing heart.(Jamie Downes // 19/05/14)

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3.) The Break & The Fall

Arctic Tern

Hopeful Heart

Self Released (May 2014)

Bearing a noteworthy resemblance to a stripped-back Matchbox 20, the sophomore EP from Belfast’s Arctic Tern is a predominately gentle, invariably captivating affair that thrives on the emotional intensity stirred by the consummate confluence of its keys, strings and vocals.(Jamie Downes // 19/05/14)

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4.) Show Yourself

Ayla Nereo

Hollow Bone

Self Released (March 2014)

Showcasing an unmistakable kinship with the natural world, Ayla Nero’s latest album marries folky simplicity with mystically-inspired experimentation, ultimately sounding as if it were written and recorded after a life-affirming week split between the company of forest faeries and a percussion-happy tribe living to the beat of nature’s drum. (Jamie Downes // 19/05/14)

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5.) Tally Marks


Native Dreamer Kin

Self Released (March 2014)

Driven forward by knockout sisterly harmonies, the debut album from Portland trio Joseph could almost have been written a-hundred-and-fifty years ago, its collection of impeccably built, humanly and spiritually aware songs returning the listener to a simpler, less cluttered world. (Jamie Downes // 19/05/14)

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6.) Child

Calvin Lamothe

Ten Tundra

Self Released (April 2014)

With its wonderfully magisterial vocals and honest, carefully considered treatment of the memories, hopes and dreams that inspired its existence, Ten Tundra is a prodigious work that radiates with honour, respect and self-awareness.(Jamie Downes // 19/05/14)

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7.) Fugitives

a million creatures


Self Released (April 2014)

A supreme storytelling effort, Fugitives’ sorrowful, sentimental tales are perfect fodder for the soothing voice of Molly Murphy, which delivers with a natural longing and regret that becomes firmly lodged in the trenches of your consciousness.(Jamie Downes // 19/05/14)

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8.) Bitter Root

Seth Paul Macchi

The Valley

S & S Creative (April 2014)

A brooding darkness rolls through much of Seth Paul Macchi’s The Valley, a claustrophobic melancholy that remains present even when the lyrics suggest a more positive outlook; the self-torment eminently relatable and like a beacon to the listener, as a flame is to the moth.(Jamie Downes // 19/05/14)

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9.) The Bird

Kathryn Joseph

Bones You Have Thrown Me...

Self Released (January 2014)

The debut album from Kathryn Joseph, 'Bones You Have Thrown Me and Blood I've Spilled' takes the listener to a bleak Scottish homestead in the middle of nowhere, and after reaching for a blanket to stave off the cold, said listener will likely sit utterly still, transfixed by the haunting vocals and bare-bones production(Jamie Downes // 19/05/14)

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10.) Victors



Self Released (April 2014)

Easy-going first effort from Cincinnati four-piece with a dreamy atmosphere and confident, languid songwriting style just made for a lazy summer’s day.(Jamie Downes // 19/05/14)

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11.) Cracks

Kine Hjeldnes


Furore (April 2014)

Meticulously crafted and gracefully realised, Elude is a deceivingly complex record that is best enjoyed when you can relax and allow the intricacies of its space-opera-esque spirit to wash right over you.(Jamie Downes // 19/05/14)

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