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Friday Friends #1


A regular playlist featuring new music from artists previously featured on our compilations. Go to Spotify
Date: April 26 2019 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning

The time has come to introduce a new feature, one that will be a regular part of A Lonely Ghost Burning moving forwards. Friday Friends will become a series of Spotify playlists that seek to acquaint listeners with the latest music from artists previously featured on our downloadable compilations. Now, I know Spotify has its problems, and Bandcamp certainly remains the preference around these parts, but for playlists of this type, the former is a damn good option. Just to clarify however, our compilations will continue as per normal: erratically scheduled, delayed and available for free download.

Anyway, this particular set of playlists (hint hint) are most likely going to begin as a fortnightly-ish occurrence before they eventually take a more settled spot in the schedule dependent on how popular they are. This week's selection features tracks from three late-2018 releases (things will generally become more up-to-date as time goes on) and one from last month. Long term fans of our Alternative Melodies series will recognise US bands Leggy and Varsity from Volume 4 (2015), whilst Subsonic Eye (Singapore) and Beachglass (Canada) were a part of Volume 6 (2017). If the sun is shining wherever you are in the world, may I suggest that these eight tracks could be a quite suitable accompaniment for an afternoon spent appreciating the heat. Hope you enjoy listening, and if you have an opinion, do let us know what you think. You down with this idea and implementation?

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The Dogs Only Listen to Him / UFO Run For Cover Records (October 2018)

It seems highly unlikely that Varsity have a bad song in them. The Chicago outfit's latest pair of tracks provide further proof that, when it comes to delivering melodies of the nostalgic, surreptitiously melancholic variety, they are one of the sharpest, most adept bands around. (Varsity featured on Alternative Melodies 4)

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Let Me Know Your Moon Sheer Luck Records (March 2019)

Leggy return with their first fully-intentional full length, although in truth, 'return' is probably not the right word given the voracious constant that is the band's touring schedule. The Cincinnati three-piece led by the indomitable VĂ©ronique Allaer have adopted a slightly more cerebral approach to their songwriting this time around -- the greater precision and variation in tempo enabling extra nuance and increased prominence for the artfully playful storytelling. (Leggy featured on Alternative Melodies 4)

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Subsonic Eye

Dive Into Middle Class Cigars (September 2018)

Subsonic Eye have a real knack for improving a person's mood, the consistently impressive Singapore quintet's sophomore album emanating an aura of optimism from its melodies and transferring a sunnier disposition to the often reflective nature of its lyrical content and beyond. (Subsonic Eye featured on Alternative Melodies 6)

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Sunroom Sanctuary Self Released (November 2018)

Sunroom Sanctuary charts a dreamy journey where energetic bursts meet glorious tranquillity; the wonderfully flowing sophomore EP from the Andrea Cormier-led Beachglass not unlike a summer's day spent drifting downstream enjoying the challenges of a merciful current. (Beachglass featured on Alternative Melodies 6)

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