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Friday Friends #2


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Date: May 17 2019 Curated by A Lonely Ghost Burning

The second edition of Friday Friends is very much rooted in Americana. It's a couple of tracks shorter than will likely be the norm for this series, but not low on quality. Featured is the poignant everyman storytelling of one of my most listened to artists of the past six years, Gar Clemens, the impassioned questioning and delivery of Kora Feder, the affecting air of Sara Davis Regan, and the pristine melancholy of occasional collaborators Caitlin Canty and Peter Bradley Adams, aka Down Like Silver.

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Kora Feder

In Sevens Self Released (April 2019)

Kora Feder featured on Beautiful Songwriting 6 (2017). In Sevens is the New Yorker's debut full length; a tender, contemplative collection of passionate questioning and earnest, kindly storytelling.

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Gar Clemens

Full Buck Moon Self Released (January 2018)

Gar Clemens featured on Beautiful Songwriting 1 (2014). Full Buck Moon is the criminally underrated songwriter's third album; an at turns scathing, compassionate and melancholy effort that slams the wilfully ignorant before adopting a softer tone to focus on ordinary lives and the drifting fatalism that accompanies their troubles and abandonment.

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Down Like Silver

Broken Coastline Self Released (June 2018)

Down Like Silver -- the side project of Caitlin Canty and Peter Bradley Adams -- featured on Beautiful Songwriting 1 (2014). Broken Coastline is the duo's first track since 2013 and as slick and sincere as you would expect.

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Sara Davis Regan

Handmade Thieves Self Released (April 2019)

Sara Davis Regan featured on Beautiful Songwriting 6 (2017). Handmade Thieves is the first track she has produced alone in her home studio. and the latest addition to her collection of humbly beautiful and heavily atmospheric works.

Noisetrade / Spotify / Facebook / Instagram
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