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Alternative Melodies Weekly: 1


Published: October 1st 2019 Listen on Spotify Listen on Playmoss

A Lonely Ghost Burning's very first weekly playlist. Welcome! These playlists will feature bands from our past compilation releases (free on Bandcamp, if you're unfamiliar) alongside a whole host of other talented people. This week features two tracks bursting with powerful vulnerability from the compelling, extra emotive new record from Pom Pom Squad (US), a beautifully sad and existential four-and-a-half minutes from the forthcoming Great Grandpa (US) album, and a track each from the 2018 album releases of The Hard Aches (AUS) and Termination Dust (US). All the aforementioned bands will be familiar to fans of our compilations, as will the name of Velveteen Echo (US), who feature here in anticipation of their eagerly awaited sophomore release, scheduled for November. Last but not least, the playlist is completed by ALGB first-timers Pohgoh (US), Samia (US), Querido Capitán (MEX), Selene Casas (ESP), Cora Sandel (NOR), Lady Cannon (US), Nah. (US), Goodbye Forever (CAN) and Caithlin De Marrais (US). Links for all bands featured can be found below. Finally, if you enjoy what you hear and want more of this next week and beyond, be sure to like, follow and share.

Pom Pom Squad ( Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook / lonely ghost Interview ) The Hard Aches ( Spotify / Instagram / Facebook ) Pohgoh ( Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook ) Samia ( Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook ) Querido Capitán ( Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook ) Termination Dust ( Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook ) Great Grandpa ( Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook ) Velveteen Echo ( Spotify / Instagram / lonely ghost Interview ) Selene Casas ( Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook ) Cora Sandel ( Bandcamp / Spotify / Facebook ) Lady Cannon ( Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook ) Nah. ( Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook ) Goodbye Forever ( Bandcamp / Instagram ) Caithlin De Marrais ( Spotify / Instagram / Facebook )
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