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playlist / Nov 22

All Pop November 2021

Listen on Spotify Listen on BNDCMPR Turns out my definition of 'pop music' is pretty vague, so expect both the familiar and unfamiliar alike. Hope you enjoy the variety. This month (Afro Legends - fifi léger) features artists from Colombia, South Korea, South Somalia / Australia, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Barcelona, the UK and US. (The bndcmpr version of this playlist is missing two tracks not available on Bandcamp - those by Frannie B and Ocyan.)
Bandcamp links: Afro Legends / Frannie B / Elle Patterson / Naomi Banks / Ocyan / Chisara Agor / Ajak Kwai / Constança Quinteiro / Freddy Filser / Lei Hope / Sofree / fifi léger
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