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Oneiric Escapism Vol. 2

Released: September 2015 Cover art: Gillian Ho

Featuring the talents of: Kendra Lea Miller / Aela Kae / CENΘ / atOlla / TIIU KIIK | EΛEVEN / Rheya / New Shack / Ever / Sylo Nozra / Aiko Aiko / Amber Maya / .i.

Carefully curated, as always. Stream, download, enjoy, share, and support those involved.

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Words & Links

Each track included on this compilation has been selected as a representation of the record it was originally recorded for; a record that, in all cases, A Lonely Ghost Burning believes deserving of more attention. Below are some short write-ups of these records, not intended as review material, but simply as an attempt to communicate one person's experiences with them. Words: Jamie Downes

Kendra Lea Miller

Daughter Of The Wolves Self Released (August 2015)
'A superbly idiosyncratic... … and hugely assured debut release that renders imaginings of isolation and entrapment with a sinister, darkness-infested, "Gee, the locals here seem eerily off", kind of flair.' Stream / purchase on Bandcamp

Aela Kae

Reverie Self Released (Jan 2015)
'The soundtrack for... ... revelling in chilled company amidst the wondrous, vibrantly coloured magic suddenly dancing through a previously unremarkable twilight.' Stream / purchase on Bandcamp (NYP)


First Steps Self Released (May 2015)
'Engrossingly atmospheric... …, the dark skies of the slow-burning and persistently overcast debut from Ceno cannot hide the openings of immense beauty hidden in the gloom.' Stream / purchase on Bandcamp


Lucille Self Released (June 2015)
'Narratively aware… … and epically inclined, Lucille is a superlatively immersive listen made with a grand cinematic flourish.' Stream / purchase on Bandcamp


TIIU KIIK | EΛEVEN Self Released (Sept 2015)
' A supremely constructed conveyance of… … the transitory sadness induced by a life-changing journey that one hopes will ultimately bring greater happiness.' Stream / purchase on Bandcamp (NYP)


Union Self Released (July 2015)
'Atmospherically superior... …, Union appears to slow the passage of time, allowing one to daydream for days engulfed by a glorious summery haze.' Stream / purchase on Bandcamp

New Shack

Shadow Girl Self Released / Future City Records (June 2015)
'Upbeat and compelling... …, Shadow Girl is sure to calm and improve many a frustrated mood with its unagitated vibes and breezy charm.' Stream / purchase digital & CD on Bandcamp


Common Daze Self Released (April 2015)
'A gorgeous, melancholic accompaniment… … to a lonely, destination-less stroll weighed down by troubled, contemplative thoughts.' Stream / purchase on Bandcamp (NYP)

Sylo Nozra

Late & Dawn Self Released (June 2015)
'Calm and confident… …, the debut from Sylo Nozra is an irresistibly smooth record that induces a state of peaceful daydreaming about the good times an ideal future might hold.' Stream / purchase on Bandcamp (NYP)

Aiko Aiko

Lab Rats, Escape! Wire Globe Recordings (May 2015)
'Shrouded by a relentlessly foreboding darkness… …, the absorbing ambience of Lab Rats, Escape! is the soundtrack to an unfamiliar journey through the kind of city streets that are permanently laced with bad intentions.' Stream / purchase digital, vinyl & CD on Bandcamp

Amber Maya

Shade Self Released (September 2015)
'Super sublime vocals… … and vibrant percussion combine to create a really unique and intriguing vibe that somehow seems both mellow AND emotionally heavy.' Stream / purchase on Bandcamp (NYP)


In The World Self Released (July 2015)
'The requisite transport for… … a dynamic pilgrimage to the depths of a turbulent but lucid mind.' Hear more / purchase on Bandcamp (NYP)